And the winner is..

Gold to Sweden, Silver to China and Bronze to Canada. Well…in the Medowie Olympics that is.

It was fun and games galore on Thursday when our Primary department held our own mini Olympics at school. Each child was placed in a country and marched behind their flag in the opening ceremony. Then it was ‘Game On’ as they rotated through 12 Olympic style events such as equestrian, hurdles, volleyball, table tennis, running and hockey/croquet.

There are many people to thank. A big thank you goes to the incredible Stage 3 students who helped set up and run the events. Also we must thank the brilliant event organisers РThe Medowie Olympic Committee (Mrs Pietsch, Mrs Patton, Mrs Henderson and Mrs Ratcliffe) who spent many hours in the weeks leading up to the Olympic Day getting everything just right. And also, thanks to the parents who provided the food and the Kids 4 kids team which helped us to raise hundreds of dollars for our Compassion and IJM ministries. It was truly a day when our whole community came together as one, just as the Olympic movement intends to do.