Our Educational Philosophy

Medowie Christian School follows the NSW Board of Studies Syllabus and is certified as compliant to a very high standard. We regularly implement new elements which are released by the Board of Studies and seek to remain at the forefront of innovative practice and resources.

At Medowie Christian School we also understand that each child learns in a different way. A Multiple Intelligence approach to learning (Gardner,1993) is a feature in the Primary Department. Our teachers are dedicated to recognising and developing the unique, God-given abilities of each student. We accept all students for who they are, encouraging their personal best at all times and promoting enthusiasm for lifelong learning and service to others.

Our school is a centre of teaching and learning excellence, which reflects a Christian worldview, dedicated to nurturing the whole child – academically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. As a Christian educational community, we offer academic programs that promote critical and creative thinking, founded on Biblically based values, beliefs and behaviours.

We are passionate about recognising and developing the abilities of each student, encouraging them to achieve at their personal best in everything they do.

Staged Classrooms

At Medowie Christian School we have organised our classes to follow the model of staged based learning as set out in the NSW syllabus. Our staged classes bring together students from two years (for example Year 1 and Year 2) and provide a variety of learning and social benefits. We believe that students learn best in a cooperative setting, where students help one another under the direction of a skilled teacher.

Teaching and learning programs and resources at Medowie Christian School are developed for staged classes. By using them, teachers can introduce core concepts to the whole classroom, and then differentiate instruction for the capability range of learners in the classroom. Our teachers are highly trained in recognising individual needs. They support and challenge each student and tailor their teaching and learning activities accordingly.

Literacy and Numeracy are taught in small groups which allow teachers to give individualised attention to each child at their specific level of achievement.

Socially, there are a number of benefits that staged classes provide students. Older children have greater leadership opportunities and it builds their own self-esteem to be role models to their younger class mates. Younger children aspire to do work like the older children in the class and close bonds are formed between children of differing ages across the stages.

Staged classes also provide the opportunity for a child to be educated by a variety of teachers across the stage over two years, enabling them to benefit from a diverse array of teaching styles, personalities, gifts and talents unique to each teacher.

As you can see, the diverse range of learning experiences provided through staged classes promote critical and creative thinking and ensures each student is appropriately engaged, supported and challenged throughout their educational journey.

 In short, we aim to:

  • provide an environment where each child is valued, nurtured and encouraged by committed Christian staff and the wider school community;
  • provide a Christian educational community where Biblically-based values, beliefs and behaviours are taught and modelled to students. We recognise God’s Word as foundational to all of life, and seek to lead each child into a personal, life-enhancing relationship with Him;
  • give each child affirmation, guidance and resources that enable them to recognise their God-given abilities and pursue excellence and
  • help develop young people of outstanding character.