Where all of the possibilities for learning begin...

This is where all of the possibilities for learning and success at Medowie Christian School begin. Kindergarten is a doorway to a world filled with wonder, designed by a loving God. It starts with acceptance and safety and along the way friendships, understanding, literacy, numeracy, active play, creativity and new connections are added. It leads to growing confidence and respect for others, contributing to a community of fellow learners.

Medowie Christian School offers an extensive Kindergarten Orientation program which commences in October each year. This program provides your child with numerous opportunities to familiarise themselves with the infants area and to meet the infants teachers prior to starting ‘big school’ with half days for the first two visits and a full day on the final visit.

Medowie Christian School’s carefully implemented approach with visits and in-class experiences ensures your child gets off to a successful start. They will meet their own big ‘buddy’ in Year 4 who will write to them and help them settle in each morning as they start off.

With such potential wrapped up in every child, we have carefully designed classroom spaces and resources, dedicated teachers and a dynamic program to make daily progress, challenge and success a reality. Our program has a distinctive Bible-based whole child focus. Each child is unique and valued and we celebrate every milestone with them.