A Culture of Courage and Compassion

At Medowie Christian School, we are committed to developing courageous and compassionate young citizens. We are intentional about laying a Biblical, solid foundation of belief, character and social responsibility.

Our values are woven through every aspect of school life, from developing a sound work ethic to treating to others as we would have them treat us. The following programs are just some of the ways in which we nurture a positive and caring culture.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Psalm 139:14

Bounce Back

At MCS we are committed to building a new generation of Australians who can face the future with confidence and outstanding character. The ‘Bounce Back’ program seeks to address an area of need often identified as a key to mental health and an improved quality of life, namely resilience.

Each year students are helped to develop coping strategies to apply in their lives when they face difficulties, disappointments and challenges. The benefits are many, including developing students who are characterised by acceptance, flexibility and a balanced perspective of events in their life.


Based on the acclaimed principles of ‘Peacewise,’ our Peacemakers program gives students an effective process to follow when faced with conflict or offense. Following simple to remember steps, the five A’s, (Admit, Accept, Apologise, Ask, and Alter) students confidently reconcile with others when their relationship strikes trouble. The timeless and foundational Biblical principles of Confession and Forgiveness are clearly followed and lead to restored friendships.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
-- Warren Buffett

Peer Support

Our staged classes are designed to encourage a high level of Peer Support. Students are placed in classes where they can learn from one another. Older students act as role models and mentors to younger students as they study and follow classroom routines. Creating a cooperative community is our ultimate aim.

Student Leadership

Each year students entering Year 6 are encouraged to become candidates for student leadership. Leaders provide a visible role model to their peers and Primary student body and assist the staff to provide creative solutions to issues within the school. Primary Leadership gives students a range of responsibilities and training to allow them to develop servant leadership, following the example of our Lord Jesus.