Quality education in a caring environment.

Welcome to the Secondary Department. Our valued students receive quality education in a caring environment with a highly trained and dedicated Christian staff.

Please take the time to meet our Head of Secondary/ Deputy Principal, Mrs. Tracey Deal, and browse the information provided here. Please also come and visit our campus to gain a full appreciation of what we can offer.

Mrs Tracey Deal
and our 2015 Senior Leadership Team
A vibrant learning community

During their time here, our students receive quality education in a caring environment with educationally rich resources at hand in all subject areas. Presented with many opportunities to further not only their knowledge, but to grow holistically, our mission statement to grow compassionate and courageous global citizens is realised.

From Year 7 right through to Year 12, our students can choose from a wide range of subjects across all key learning areas. This caters for many different interests in a range of learning styles. Students also experience relevant, engaging and informative extra-curricular activities through a variety of events, service teams and excursions.

MCS offers a one-on-one laptop program where each secondary student is provided with a fully maintained laptop each year. This means our students always have the most up-to-date tools and information at their fingertips, and continues on from a technology rich Primary School environment. Technology is integrated in all teaching and learning programs.

Our Stage 6 students study their Preliminary and HSC courses within a Blended Model where English and Mathematics are studied in a traditional timeframe, i.e. over two years. Four other focused subjects are studied in just one year. This means that students study two of their chosen focused subjects in the first HSC year, completing both the Preliminary and HSC requirements. Then students complete another two focused subjects in the second HSC year.

One of our Secondary distinctives is that we encourage students to recognise the importance of serving others. Service Teams go out into the community weekly to help families in many practical ways, such as lawn care, gardening and cleaning. We are proud to be able to use this opportunity to instil such generous values into our students.

MCS also encourages our students to serve globally through our national and international mission programs. Our students and staff have an opportunity to visit Vanuatu, working in partnership with Liberty for the Nations. Closer to home, we also work with our local indigenous community. It is our aim to show the love of Jesus to all these communities and provide our students with amazing life changing experiences.

We invite you to come and visit our school and look forward to explaining the difference which studying at MCS can make to your son or daughter.

Mrs Tracey Deal

Deputy Principal/Head of Secondary