Preschool Visitors

Tuesday 13th September was a fantastic morning as MCS hosted a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) interactive workshop, coordinated by Mrs Deppeler.

Children from Medowie Community Preschool and the Uniting Early Leaning Centre were driven to MCS by Mr Pilcher and escorted to the COLA where Stage 3 students were eagerly waiting. Their displays caught the imaginations of these beautiful bright eyed preschoolers.

There were ten STEM activity tables from ‘liquid fireworks, ‘Lego volcanos’, ‘bubble rockets’ and ‘lemonade spiders’.

At the end of the activities the Preschool children walked through the Kindergarten classes with our students, greeted by a standing ovation. It was beautiful to watch.

Many more parents and children from the Medowie community also attended the morning, making the effort by the Primary staff and students so worthwhile. Each preschool child went home with an MCS party bag and huge smiles. We look forward to seeing them again soon.